Happy Birthday To Me! :-)

I was dreading for this day to arrive and it’s finally here.  There’s no turning back and I’m not that happy about it.  And of course, nobody let me forget it from a day early phone call from my wonderful Dad who thinks his daughter is a year younger than she actually is (thanks, Daddy, you are so good to me! *^^*), to a sweet whisper of  “happy birthday, pretty girl” from my darling husband when I can hardly open her eye lids this morning, to many birthday messages on my Facebook wall, even from people who I hardly know, and to a very LOUD -but sweet and thoughtful nevertheless happy birthday song sung by a good friend of mine and their children at 8 o’clock this morning!

Yes, it’s official.  I’m 33 years old! :-)

One Fine Day with the Love of My Life

But something unexpected happened today.  I thought I would be sad but I am not.  I thought I’d feel old but I don’t.  I thought I’d be depressed but I’m not.  In fact, I feel very happy, grateful and blessed!  Even though today is filled with babysitting a friend’s daughter all day, running errands and attending a church meeting in the evening, I have no complains and I don’t even mind watching Mulan with the kiddos for the 5th time this week! :-)  I still joke about how awful it is to get older and how my body aches and that I can’t seem to remember anything any more.  But that’s because I enjoy watching my husband rolling his eyes at me whenever I say those things! :-)

When I checked my email this morning, I saw below birthday message from Sparkpeople.com

For once, I was glad that I got my priorities straight at this point of my life (though it’s very likely that I’ll mess that up from time to time).  God is in the CENTER of my life and everything else just finds its place with His help.  Although I have a far way to go, I’m comforted to know that at the end of my life, I will come home to my heavenly Father, my king and just love and worship him forever.  And how wonderful, marvelous, fabulous and fantastic it will be to just rejoice with no stress or anxiety and enjoy life in heaven!

So the words of wisdom from Abi on her 33rd birthday is this: ‘Live today as if you are going home to your heavenly Father tomorrow!’


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One response to “Happy Birthday To Me! :-)

  • Mary

    Happy Birthday a few days late! I’ll be able to remember it now, because Mike’s birthday is today (30th) so they are close together. 33 is a great age…….it just gets better (except that aching body thing that creeps up on you, but I won’t scare you with that :-) I’m glad that God has blessed you with 33 years and know that He will bless you with many more….all great because you have him in your heart, as well as your wonderful family all around you.

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