Big Girl’s Bed and the Floor :-)

My sweet darling little girl,

You have finally graduated from baby crib and moved into a big girl’s bed, Love!  Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you and we couldn’t believe how great you took the whole thing!  For the first two nights, you not only stayed in your room but you didn’t even get out of your bed the whole night!  We couldn’t believe it!

Well, I think you finally figured it out and decided to get out of the bed.  When I checked on you during your nap time yesterday, this is what I saw! (see blow photo *^^*)

You’re the cutest little girl with your bottom sticking up and Mommy personally liked your bottom cracks! :-)  I think you loved the floor as much as your big girl’s bed. *^^*

Sometimes I think you are growing up too fast for Mommy and I wish you’d slow down a little.  :-)  I love you, sweet darling, and thank you for all your giggles and laughter that make Mommy’s heart full.

With So Much Love,


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