From God, With Love.

I used to envy people who says, “God told me today that…” or “I think God was leading to me do…” because that means that they have direct communication with God (whether they were really from God or not is a whole another story but let’s just assume that they are for the sake of this post).  That means that God was telling them what to do or how He feels about certain things in their lives.  I wished I had that kind of relationship with my heavenly Father as well!  I thought to myself, “How easy my life would be if have that kind of relationship with Him?!”  That is until He started to speak to me and I mean REALLY speak to me to the point where He freaks me out! :-)

Don’t worry, folks.  I’m not crazy.  I don’t hear voices nor see visions of God (though it would be nice).  He talks to me through His words, His people or “incidents” as He does with many others, I’m sure.  Well, the thing is, He does it too often, too loud and clear and in such a timely manner that it literally freaked me out.  Well, it’s been a while so I’m used to it.  In fact, I actually expect for Him to say something to me these days!  That is why I don’t want to open my Bible sometimes, especially when I have an argument with my husband because I know He will tell me exactly what to do or what I did wrong through His words and it usually means that my husband was right and that I have to apologize! :-)

Lately, God has been “talking” to me too often that even my husband says he’s jealous! (note: my husband is a VERY godly man and I have a far way to go to be like him, so this is a big deal!)  Let me share some of them with you….

  • I was frustrated because I couldn’t find a good cardiologist for my heart problem and I was quite anxious when my new doctor appointment got cancelled one day.  We prayed but I was still very stressed and anxious for I was running out of my heart pills. Well, about 10 minutes later, I opened up the book called Crazy Love by Francis Chan and the page I happened to read was about the author’s heart problem he’s experienced and anxiety related to it.  He talked about how we should not be anxious about anything for God instructed us to do so.  I just chuckled because it was the same as God himself sitting across the table and say, “Abi, don’t be anxious about anything!”  Isn’t that freaky or what?!


  • I read Isiah Ch. 6 and Revelation Ch. 4 in regards to God’s appearance description through Isiah and John.  It was so interesting and I was thinking about it all night, imagining what it would be like to see Him face to face.  Next day, we were attending church service and what does the pastor talk about? Isiah ch. 6 and God’s appearance to Isiah!  Had I not read it the night before, the sermon wouldn’t have touched my heart the way it did nor would I remind myself about God’s majestic being and glory that day, which I really needed!  He definitely wanted me to note to myself of His sovereignty and His all powerful-ness  that day….


  • I’m normally good at preparing for my Bible study meetings by reading all the materials and noting things to share with the group.  A couple weeks ago, I didn’t do all that until the night before my Bible study group meeting.  Frankly, I was bored by the material we’re studying and I was not motivated at all.  One night, my husband and I had a discussion about sins that we are repeating, what God would think of that and what we should do about it.  We did have a good discussion as we normally do but something was missing.  The night before my Bible study meeting, I was reading the material and what did the chapter cover?  Sins, our responsibility and God’s grace!  It was like me asking God a question and Him answering right there.  Maybe I should ask Him when I’m going to win the lottery next… hmm…. :-)


  • I had a miscarriage and went through quite a difficult time. Few days later, a friend of mine told me a story of her friend who lost her baby girl right after her birth due to a birth defect (no kidneys).  Miscarriage itself was painful enough for me to endure and I couldn’t imagine carrying a child in my womb for 40 weeks knowing that the baby will die as soon as she’s born.  I prayed for the woman who lost her baby and thanked God that he spared me from that kind of pain.  Two days later, my sister (non-believer) asked me how my God (as she calls it) gave me such a painful and difficult hardship since according to the Bible, He does not let us be tempted beyond what we can bear (1 Corinthians 10:13 ).  I smiled knowing that God already provided me with an answer few days ago and I felt His comfort and peace all over him.  And then I said to my sister, “What if God spared me from experiencing my child’s death after the birth? What if He was sparing me from caring for a handicap child for He knew I was not ready? What if He loved my unborn son too much to let him be away from God? What if there was greater things He wanted to use me for and He was merely preparing me for it?”  There were so many what-ifs and though I’ll never know the real true behind my miscarriage, I knew that He gave an answer to me as well as to my sister.  How great is He?!

These are just few examples of what He’s been doing in my life and there are many many more.  In fact, just the other day, my mother-in-law was quoting a Bible verse and the next day, God showed me the Bible verse in the book I was reading.  He must have wanted me to know that Bible verse, I don’t know.  But what I know is that He IS communicating with me daily and I am just grateful that He does because my life is so much easier with Him a prayer away.


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2 responses to “From God, With Love.

  • Abi

    I heard that coincidence is when God decides to remain anoymous! :-)

  • Mary

    Don’t you just love it when God speaks to you in scripture and through other people and readings? God says that if we seek him, we will find him. When I started seeking him in scripture, like you I suddenly found so many “coincidences” happening in my life, that I couldn’t believe it! I’ve heard those called “God-incidences” and I like that term :-) He would pick just the right message from the Bible to speak to what I was thinking about or doing. Our God is an awesome God! Stick with him always!

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