A Fabulous Husband Indeed!

My sweet awesome husband,

I miss you, Baby! :-)

After some comments from me at my Bible study group this morning, our group leader looked at me and said, “I really do want to meet your husband someday.  He sounds like really an awesome guy!”  And to that I said, “Yes, he is!  That’s why I married him!” :-) 

I do have an awesome husband indeed and I just wondered if I tell you that enough.  Do I?  I think not…and I am sorry.  You are such a great husband and you deserve to hear that a thousand times a day! (Don’t let this go to your head though for your sake.  We know how sensitive you are about your head size…. *^^*)  For some reason, I have hard time telling you that face to face while I have absolutely no problem talking and “boasting” about you to others all the time!  You would think that I wouldn’t get embarrassed by anything with you by now after being married to each other for over five years but I guess certain things are still hard and embarrassing. 

But since we are on this subject, let me count the ways why you are so fabulous! :-)

  • You are a Christ follower and that should say everything about you!
  • You make me laugh. In fact, you make the whole world laugh and that is why people want to be around you.
  • You are so loving and caring towards our little daughter and towards pretty much all the children!
  • You tear up at hallmark commercials and/or chick flick! (sorry to bring this up but you are manly enough for me to say that! *^^*)
  • You are very responsible.
  • You vacuum and mop the floors, empty the trash cans, fold the laundry, do the dishes, etc. for me.  (I’m forever grateful to your mom who raised you to be helpful around the house!)
  • You are very considerate of others.
  • You love me, despite of all my shortcomings.
  • You are a wonderful head of our household and you take care of us.
  • You are very handsome and hot.  Yes, I said hot, in fact, sizzling! :-)
  • You do depend on me on certain things!
  • You want to make me happy and try to do things for me.
  • And the back rub….  You are fantastic at giving it! (That reminds me, can I have one tonight, please?) :-)
  • I feel safe and secure with you and you never let me doubt of your love for me.
  • Need I say more? :-)

I love you with all my heart, honey, and you are just so fantastic!  I hope you know that even if I don’t tell you that enough.  You do make me want to be a better person and I want to give you the world if I could.

With Endless Love,

Your Sarang


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2 responses to “A Fabulous Husband Indeed!

  • Abi

    Aw….you are the bestest! :-)

  • Sweet Awesome Husband

    Hey Beautiful,

    Love you too.

    Never hurts to be told and frankly I’m a little embarassed at the list… gosh I guess I am fabulous! :-)

    Of course I dispute the whole teary eyed chick flick loving portion. If anyone disputes, I’ll just lie.

    You are an amazing woman and frankly I spend most of my days wondering how I tricked you into this. It must be my pick-up line I give you of, “Hey baby, looks fade, but funny is forever.” And I plan on being funny with you for as long as forever lasts.

    The Guy that Loves you Second Best in all the Universe,

    Your Hubby

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