One Shoe Can Change Your Life -Cinderella

Cinderella was my very first Disney princess movie I’ve watched and of course, I fell in love with it right away like any little girl would have.  Over 20 years later since my first “encounter” with Cinderella, she still remains as my THE MOST favorite Disney princess and it was the only Disney princess movie I owned for the longest time…well, until my daughter was born two years ago, that is. :-)  Now, our house is filled with all the princess stuff you can think of and Bella can literally dress herself in everything princess, including underwear, not to mention surround herself with princess sippy cup, princess bag, princess books and stickers, princess dolls and you-name-it-and-she-has-its.

However, I’m happy to see that Cinderella is Bella’s favorite princess as well (Mommy’s bias might have something to do with that but we won’t tell her *^^*).  Bella’s early sentences normally started with Cinderella and ended with Cinderella and she never forgets to include Cinderella’s name in her little prayers, which is just so adorable.  (Among all the Disney princesses, I must say that Cinderella is the most blessed one due to my little girl’s faithful prayers!)

You’d think I’d get tired of watching Cinderella after watching the movie with Bella, oh I don’t know, like a thousand times a month!  But no, I still love it and unlike The Wiggles, Yo Gabba Gabba and Barney(I still haven’t forgiven Bella’s preschool for introducing Barney to her! *^^*) that lowers your IQ every time you watch them, I can actually sit down with Bella and watch the whole movie over and over again! 

There’s something about one shoe and its power to change your life….  Maybe Bella and I should get out today and get ourselves a new pair of shoes with our prince’s (a.k.a. Daddy) magic plastic card! :-)


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2 responses to “One Shoe Can Change Your Life -Cinderella

  • Abi

    Yes, I have seen Enchanted many times and I do loved it, too! :-) What can I say, we’re all little girls at heart and I’m glad to see you are too, Tori!

  • Tori Cooper

    How cute! I’m probably going to be the same way with my kids- except my favorite princess has to be Snow White… it’s funny how we are grown women still secretly enjoying the disney princess movies… i love it! I love the “prince” concept you have going for you, have you seen “Enchanted”…? my husband got me that movie when it first came out… and I literally watched that movie over & over again…has amy adams (playing a princess) it combines all those fairy tell themes into one movie… check it out sometime if you haven’t yet… ;-)

    P.S. Thank you for stopping by my blog- greatly appreciate you taking the time to comment! :-D

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