The Best Daddy Ever!

My sweet darling husband,

As we have learned yesterday from the fabulous world of Disney movie, Mulan, I have brought honor to my family by marrying you (a.k.a. FANTASTIC match) and there’s no debate about that.  Yes, I am lucky and God blessed the heck out of me when he sent you to my life.  I don’t think I have to remind you of that. :-)

However, I want you to know just how lucky and blessed our daughter is to have you as her Daddy.  We always talk about how Bella is the cutest baby in the whole world and how other people deal with having kids that are not as adorable as ours.  :-)  But the truth is, Bella and I talk about how she has the BEST Daddy in the whole wide world and how we feel sorry for other kids whose Daddies are not as cool as hers!  *^^*

I love how she talks about your whereabouts first thing in the mornings and how she jumps up with a big smile on her face at the sound of door opening chime thinking to herself that Daddy’s home – regardless of what she’s doing at that moment, even if she was in the middle of watching her favorite princess shows! Now, that says a lot about her priority! *^^*  My favorite thing that she says lately is, “Daddy, look at this!”  I love that she wants to share everything with you and that she doesn’t want you to miss anything….

I love that bath time is a fun time with Daddy for Bella and it’s sad to know that it will end someday, too soon I’m sure, due to her being a girl and you being, well…..a boy! :-)  But I know that you two will find something that is just for the two of you and I look forward to watching her cherishing these moments with her Daddy.

I love you and thank you so much for being such a wonderful Daddy to our little precious angel.

With Endless Love,

Your Sarang

2 responses to “The Best Daddy Ever!

  • Abi

    Bella: “Mommy, Whe di Daddy go?”
    Mommy: “Honey, Daddy went to work.”
    Bella: “Daddy went bye-bye?”
    Mommy: “Yes, Sweetie”
    Bella: “Oh….”

    The same “first” conversation we have every morning… :-) We love you, Daddy!

  • Daddy

    Hey Beautiful,
    Thank you for my letter. Makes my whole day/week. I find that I didn’t understand anything until I had a kiddo. It’s unbelievable how much there was to learn about being in love with something you’ve helped to create. Nothing will be the love I have for our shared creation of that adorable little Bellarina. Though I do love Bath Time that comes with all the requisit soakings, struggles to shampoo hair, and poker (I play on my blackberry, Bella assists. How’s that for multitasking!), my favorite thing she says is “Daddy, danc-e wi me.” So despite the fact that I’m very white, I look forward to dancing with my daughter no matter her age.

    I love both my Princesses, always.

    – Daddy

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