Five Question Friday

1. How much time do you spend on the computer a day?
Way too much!  Do you really need to ask?! :-)

2. Will you pay for your children’s college or raise them to pay for their own way?
Definitely, most definitely have my kids pay for their own way but they will get the loan from the bank of Mommy & Daddy.  My husband and I will be saving up the money of course (in fact, we’re putting money aside for college tuitions) and give it to them as a gift at some point.  Well, at least that’s our plan for now. :-)

3. Have you ever been in a car accident?
A couple.  First time was totally my fault as I was watching another accident that just happened on the side of the road and was totally not paying attention to the car in front of me.  Yes, I so deserved that one!  But the guy decided to let it go for some reason saying there wasn’t much damage to his car (though the hood of my first car, Civic Honda, was totally destroyed!).  I still think he’s a fugitive and couldn’t face the cops for some reason but I didn’t complain for not getting a ticket!  The second one?  My husband had a car accident that morning (somebody ran into his bumper but nobody got hurt) and that afternoon I was driving with him in my car to go out for a dinner with some friends when this truck came out of nowhere and cut across the lane I was in.  Yes, it was his fault and I was pretty shaken up as I was watching my Starbucks coffee being spilled all over my dashboard.  But talking about a guardian angel who was watching over my husband that day!  Two car accidents with no injury whatsoever?!  All I’m saying is, that guardian angel deserves a raise or big fat bonus at least! :-)

4. What is your favorite book?
I know, I know, it’s lame but I’m gonna have to go with the Bible as my all time favorite.  I go through phases with other books (right now, it’s Twilight saga, hands down) but the Bible is never-changing, everlasting, no doubt my all time favorite.

5. Do you make your bed everyday?
I wish I do but I must say I don’t. :-(  But really, why would I bother?  It’s not like anybody peeks into our master bedroom anyway for it’s off limit to anyone but my husband and my daughter, who just loves jumping on Mommy’s bed, and my husband really don’t care if I make bed or not.  Besides, I’ll be “un-making” bed every night anyway, so what’s the point?!  Ha ha, the things I say to justify myself…sigh… :-)
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3 responses to “Five Question Friday

  • Dorothy

    These are five revealing things, and I see you didn’t try to hide the bed-making thing! I usually make mine, but just once in a while I just spread the covers up nicely, as though they were just turned down for getting in at night. I say it’s your house, do as it pleases you!
    Your Aunt Mary is one of my sweet blogging friends. She told me about your blog. I’m way too old for you, but I did want to come over and see your nice blog.
    Bless you for putting the Bible first!!! Keep doing that and all will go well with you!
    BTW, I spend way too much time on the computer, but hey, that’s how I stay in touch with my friends.

  • Mary

    I enjoyed your answers :-) Peter was definitely blessed on that day of accidents and so were you! I’m with you on the making the bed thing. I usually give a quick yank to the covers and that is it. I only do that because I got used to people wanting to “see our house” since it is a bit unusual. I’ll vote for the Bible, too….nothing else is that important and picking one other book would be impossible, if you read much! We won’t talk about time spent on the computer….nope….best not to go there.

    • irisofmine

      Ha ha, I knew I liked you aunt Mary and to know that you don’t really make bed either is just icing on the cake! :-) By the way, Mom is surprised that we communicate much and I said it’s because we are blog-buddies! *^^* I’m so glad to have a tech-savvy aunt in the family!

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