First Big Fall

My sweet darling girl, 

One Fine Day (Bella with her friend, Emily)

I’m sorry that you have fallen from 3 feet high play bridge today at the park.  I was watching you as you fell and though I knew you were ok, My heart sank and I forgot to breathe until I held you in my arms.  You were not hurt thankfully and you started to laugh soon after and ran around the playground holding hands with your friend, Emily, forgetting all about the fall.  Mommy was sorry that I couldn’t catch you before you fell and that you had to cry.  I don’t know if you know but when you cry, my sweet darling, Mommy’s heart gets broken into a thousand pieces (except when you “fake-cry” for attention and sympathy, which you do a lot lately!) and I wish I could take whatever made you cry away from you, pumpkin. 

I know life is not going to be easy for you because we live in a fallen world and life is just not fair sometimes.  So I’m sorry to say that you will cry and cry a lot in your life.  But never despair, my darling girl because we have God on our side!  I hope you know that I will always be there for you when you need me and more importantly, Jesus will hold your hands to comfort you and carry you when things are simply too hard for you to take.  Just remember what we always say:

Mommy: Who loves you, Bella? 

Bella: Jesus! (with BIG smiles on your face) 

Mommy: Yes, and who lives in Bella’s heart? 

Bella: (pointing at your heart) Jesus! 

Yes, Jesus loves you and He loves you the most, sweetheart, but Mommy and Daddy are second and we would love you more if that’s even possible!


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One response to “First Big Fall

  • Mary

    A mother’s heart never stops wanting to catch them, no matter how old they get :-) I’m so glad that Bella is being raised to know who can catch her in any situation! Yeah, Bella….Jesus loves you even more than your mommy and that is a whole lot!

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