My Own Sweet Duchess of Whimsy…

My sweet darling girl, Bella,

I’m so sorry that you are not feeling well again, Love.  Seems like you are catching a cold every other week these days ever since you started your preschool and I prayed that Jesus will watch over you and your health this morning once more.  Mommy likes to pray for you, sweetheart, because you are my very precious princess and I love telling God about you.  Although it’s sad to see you with your constant runny nose and little coughs, Mommy always enjoys the time we spend together in our cozy couch all curled up with your head rested on my chest. 

This afternoon before Mommy put you down in your crib for your tiny little nap, we read together The Duchess of Whimsy.  You seemed to like this book a lot, my darling.  You repeated after Mommy after each line and you studied each page intensely with your little darling button eyes.  It always makes Mommy smile when we find a book that you like.  I hope you grow up to be a reader like Daddy because books will give you freedom and imaginations -not to mention the abundant knowledge you gain- for you to fly far and high up to be whatever you wish to be and do whatever your heart desires.

Mommy’s wish for you, my little pumpkin, is that you’d be a lady who knows what she wants and likes but never judge a book by its cover and be open to new and different things, whether it is love or life adventures.  And I pray that you will find your own Earl of Norm one day (not too soon I hope since I want you to be my little girl for a long time!) who is ordinary but yet simply extraordinary at the same time. 

Mommy loves you, my sweet girl, and never forget that, my darling.

With So Much Love,


The great New Yorker artist Peter de Seve teams up with the author of bestselling Toy Boat in a slightly outrageous fairy tale.  The Duchess of Whimsy is fancy and fussy—and definitely not ordinary—surrounding herself with wild friends, fabulous foods, and fancy dress. The Earl of Norm (ho hum) is completely ordinary, but he adores the Duchess. She ignores him, until the chef gets sick, and her friends have to make a super supper—which includes tracking down truffles, spinning sugar stars, and looking for quail eggs.  But the Earl is hungry! He sneaks off to an ordinary grilled cheese sandwich—and suddenly takes the Duchess’s eye. Maybe there’s something to simplicity after all. Maybe there’s something to the Earl after all…  This deliciously told and illustrated love story by the remarkable de Sèves shows how utterly charming and extraordinary a picture book can be.  


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One response to “My Own Sweet Duchess of Whimsy…

  • Kelly

    Hey Abi!

    Thanks for stopping by “Kelly at Home”! Your blog is DARLING! I’m about to pop over to my library’s page right now and check if they have this adorable book in. :o)

    Have a lovely week, mama!


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