My Ever Precious Little Darling…

Hello, Love,

Mommy loves you, sweetheart.

We were at the doctor’s office for Mommy this morning and you said hi to Dr. Crider, a.k.a. “the first man who ever hold you,” according to you Daddy.  Daddy also said jokingly that Dr. Crider will be the last man who’ll ever hold you!  Can you believe your funny Daddy said that?! :-)  But you know he only said that because he loves you too much and he can’t imagine (at least not yet!) for you to grow up and have a man in your life who’ll love and care for you forever.  Mommy can’t even believe that you are already over 27 months old!  It feels like it was just yesterday when I was holding you in my chest in the hospital bed, trying to see if you’re still breathing or not!  Born in just 35 weeks, you were so tiny and Mommy and Daddy were so worried about you.  But God took care of you and watched over you as He always does and now, you are a big girl with a fabulous appetite and happy heart and you are such a joy to Mommy and Daddy.

You love princesses these days, my darling girl.  Everything is about princesses as you can imagine (princess cup, princess books, princess shirts, princess dresses, princess stickers, princess movies, etc.) and that’s all you talk about from the moment you open your sweet precious eyes in the morning till you close them at your night night time.  Just this week, Mommy had to watch Mulan over 7 times (and that’s not including other princess movies!) and listen to the same Mulan theme song over 50 times!  You even name all of princesses in your little prayers throughout the day and thank God for them, even before you thank Him for Mommy and Daddy! :-)  It is just too cute and too precious and I can’t get enough of it!  Mommy’s favorite moment is though when you dance around the house in your pretty little pink princess dress, holding Daddy’s hands.  And the giggles of you two make Mommy feel like burst into tears with joy and thankfulness.  I can’t believe God loves Mommy so much that He gave me you and Daddy, pumpkin.  Like Daddy always says, “Jesus loves you (the most), but I’m second!”

You are asleep in your room (probably dreaming of princesses *^^*) and Mommy is enjoying quiet moments right now.  But I can’t wait for you to wake up and laugh your little laughter and sing your little songs.  Mommy loves you so very much and don’t you ever forget that, sweetheart.

With So Much Love,



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