#2 The Prayer that Heals: praying for healing in the family

I think this book was a Christmas present from Mom (my mother-in-law) to Peter last year and I picked it up from our magazine rack in the bathroom where Peter left it. I only heard of Francis MacNutt, who is internationally known authority on the healing ministry, from Peter when he told me about his parents’ visiting him in Jacksonville, FL, during his father’s battle with cancer. I was in need of healing prayer desperately when I saw this book since I was going through a high risk pregnancy at that time and though I lost my baby at 12 weeks, this book gave me great encouragement, comfort and hope. 

The more I learn about the prayer and its power, the more there is to learn about them, it seems. Though it’s a short book, it contains many things about prayer that I never thought about, such as the importance of touch (physical), and the things that are helpful to have and know for healing prayer such as forgiveness, faith, love and inner healing.

One practical exercise that MacNutt introduced regarding inner healing that I found very interesting and helpful is visualizing Jesus in the painful memories of our past and have Him do things that would have healed the situation at that time. For example, if one was physically abused as a child, she can imagine Jesus coming to that place with her during the prayer and have Him hold her and protect her in that situation. I actually remember Mom (a.k.a. a walking Bible *^^*) doing the same exercise with me once and I remember it being very refreshing and helpful!  

I was always timid about praying with others in the past although I got “bolder” as time passed, and this book gave me even more courage to pray not only WITH others but also FOR others. We all need prayers in this fallen world and it’s such a comfort to know that we have Jesus who is just a prayer away….

Francis MacNutt, Ph.D., is an author of books on healing prayer, including ‘Healing’, as well as ‘Deliverance from Evil Spirits’. Born in 1925, he grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1950, Francis joined the Dominican Order, the Order of Preachers, and was ordained to the priesthood in 1956. As a young Roman Catholic priest, he was prominent in the charismatic renewal in the 1960s. He married his wife Judith in 1980 and settled in Clearwater, Florida, where they established Christian Healing Ministries that same year. Since the very beginning of their marriage, Francis and Judith have traveled widely, speaking and ministering together. In 1987, at the invitation of the Episcopal Diocese of Florida, they moved to Jacksonville, Florida, and expanded Christian Healing Ministries into a healing center for prayer ministry and teaching. <Source: Wikipedia>

For more information on Christian Healing Ministries, visit http://www.christianhealingmin.org/index.php

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